Sichuan steel structure workshop

Sichuan steel structure workshop

Sichuan steel structure factory building to be made of steel, including the wall and roof, are basically the use of steel, can also be used to solve the brick wall

  Sichuan steel structure workshopThe construction should be made of steel, including the walls and roof, which are basically made of steel, but also can be solved by brick walls。

  1, steel column, H type steel beam and other main components, according to the volume of specific gravity。2. Tie rod plate, supporting plate, connecting plate and other auxiliary parts are calculated by volume specific gravity。3, the main room, edge flooding and other parts, first calculate the volume, and then converted to the weight of tons。4. Roof and wall panels can be calculated by area or ton。5, high strength bolts can be calculated by quantity。

  Sichuan steel structurePlant characteristics 1, high strength, light weight: rigid frame plant steel as the main structure, steel density is larger, compared with other building materials, by the same force,The steel structureThe intensity is much higher, and the span is much larger。

  2, good plasticity, good toughness: steel plasticity is high, can be customized according to customer needs of complex shape structure, and good toughness, generally speaking, even by a sudden strong impact, can not immediately fracture, other structures are difficult。

  3, construction is not affected: steel structure construction, not affected by climate conditions。 Even on rainy and snowy days, it can be welded on site and transported to site for assembly。 Fast installation speed, can greatly shorten the construction period。

  4, good fire resistance: steel strength change is small, the site temperature is below 150, the strength is almost unchanged, but the temperature is above 500, steel strength is zero, good fire performance, fire will not immediately collapse。