Sichuan Yitongrenhe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the west fifth section of Meizhou Avenue, Meishan city, Sichuan Province, which is 1km away from the entrance of Chengle Expressway。The company was founded in 2003, has its own steel structure production workshop of 8000 square meters, is a collection of RESEARCH and development, design, production, construction and other one-stop service steel structure manufacturers。

  Since its establishment, the company pursues the enterprise spirit of "striving to surpass, pursuing excellence", and has made remarkable achievements under the support and leadership of superior departments。

  Sichuan Yitongrenhe Construction Engineering Co., LTDBased on the human resource management concept of "introducing" carefully, "cultivating", "fighting", "using" and "waiting" formed by many years of experience,In the process of development,Has created a reasonable structure, proficient in business, skilled, courageous innovation and high loyalty of the talent team,It also makes companies grow from small to large, from weak to strong,Grow into a real "little giant" in the industry。  The company also has steel structure special contracting qualification ii, general contracting qualification III, labor service qualification and so on。In addition to the general conventional equipment, the company also has intersecting line cutting machine, large bending machine, large pipe bending machine, light steel keel printer, etc。

  The company has a professional construction team,Originality process,Can undertake: Sichuan steel structure processing, light steel villa, scenic area building (landscape room), prefabricated housing, smart home and other projects,At the same time wholesale sales of steel structure, light steel villa and other materials,It breaks the traditional construction mode of housing engineering,Completely realized the structure standardization, design universality, production industrialization, installation integration,Convenient service,Form a unique new type of prefabricated steel structure construction industry system。Welcome to inquire, and thank you for choosing our service!