How to promote sichuan steel structure processing after the development of housing

How to promote sichuan steel structure processing after the development of housing

2022-05-26 09:14:57

    Sichuan steel structureIt can be formed after processingThe steel structureHousing, and steel structure housing is introduced from abroad a new type of housing, using mechanical equipment production。So how to promote the development of steel structure after processing housing?

    1.Steel construction has many advantages。

    The investigation of steel structure building shows that the traditional steel-concrete structure building needs a large number of workers to do artificial work on site because of the many cast-in-place parts, while the steel structure building has realized the components and industrialization, which can reduce 2/3 of the labor force。

    2.High steel output, good industry foundation。

    Domestic steel production has been good for years。After several years of development, the industrialization technology of steel structure housing in Our country has become increasingly mature, which has laid a solid foundation for the industrialization of housing in our country。

    3.Strong policy support。

    Steel structure residence is the breakthrough of housing industrialization,是实现“十二五”保障性住房建设目标的有力手段;The steel structure住宅将使生活与生产更加匹配,真正实现节能环保;The steel structure住宅上下游联动,It will certainly promote the upgrading and development of a series of industrial chains such as iron and steel, machinery manufacturing, industrial design and material recycling。To change the traditional low-end development mode of real estate industry, promote the transformation of labor-intensive industry to knowledge and technology intensive industry, reduce the excessive dependence on labor and resources, steel structure housing is the inevitable choice of industrial upgrading。

    The development of steel structure in Sichuan has led many people to build in the countryside, which also shows that in China, the speed and quality of steel structure manufacturing can attract the love of the general public。