The cost that builds sichuan steel structure room to need how many

The cost that builds sichuan steel structure room to need how many

2022-05-19 17:43:43

    Sichuan steel structureHousing is a kind of hot spot in residential construction in recent years, but most customers onThe steel structureThere are objections to the cause of the room, then the cost of the steel structure room is really so expensive?How much will it cost?

    Based on 1680 square meters of steel structure, the price of 100 square meters is 16.8万元。Some people may hesitate to look at the price, but it includes the total price of the exterior wall decoration, roof decoration, broken doors and Windows, hollow glass, stairs, electrical plumbing, plumbing, inner wall drywall and terminal maintenance services。

    1.If the price and brick villa so big, the characteristics of the house will be very poor?

    From the performance of steel structure house and brick villa, brick villa is inferior to steel structure house。It can be seen from the following points: 1。Thermal insulation performance: the quality of the building, thermal insulation performance is also essential。The insulation performance of brick villa is well-known, but also more general, but steel structure room is far better than steel structure room, because it uses the insulation technology, is a composite wall, low heat transfer capacity。Warm in winter and cool in summer。Its energy saving effect is 32% more than brick house, brick house is incomparable。

    2.Moisture-proof and breathable: It is also important to keep the house moisture-proof and breathable。I won't explain too much here about why it matters。Steel structure room moisture - proof permeability is very good。Familiar person knows, traditional brick mix room cannot realize wall body moistureproof measure integration, but steel structure room can, and can achieve the degree without blind area, and one-way breathing paper is still stuck on wall body can let your house become the house that has breath truly。

The steel structure housing

    3.Good seismic strength, I believe that many people are very concerned about this。In recent years, large and small earthquakes occur frequently, especially in some cities where earthquakes are concentrated。If the seismic performance of the building is poor, it will be destroyed after the earthquake, and the seismic strength of the steel structure house is very good, its building weight is light, toughness, with the earthquake load to summarize, such a building under the earthquake load damage is very small, can be ignored。

    关于Sichuan steel structure roomThe service life for the owners of friends is also quite important, so this kind of steel structure room service life is about how long?In fact, according to the investigation of the service life of this kind of steel structure room most will use dozens to a hundred years。