What problems should be considered in designing sichuan steel structure workshop

What problems should be considered in designing sichuan steel structure workshop

2022-05-12 17:37:12

    You know, design oneSichuan steel structurePlant in many industries in life is the need for professional company design, in order to ensureThe steel structurePlant safety needs to consider what issues。

    1. Anti-seepage: prevent rainwater from outdoor infiltration of metal roof board rainwater mainly through lap or joint into the metal roof board, in order to achieve anti-seepage function, in the screw hole after the use of sealing gasket, need to use concealed fixed。The lap joints of the plates shall be treated with sealant or welding。The lap joints were eliminated with full-length steel plates, and the abdominal distension of each node was treated with strict waterproof treatment。

    2.Fire prevention: In the event of a fire, the metal roofing material will not burn and the flame will not penetrate the metal roof panels。

    3.Wind pressure resistance: resist local wind pressure, metal roof panels will not be pulled down by negative wind pressure。The wind pressure resistance is related to the fastening force of the metal roof panel and the fixed seat and the density of the fixed seat。

    4.Soundproofing: Prevents sound from spreading from outside to inside or from inside to outside。The metal roof layer is filled with sound insulation material (usually insulation cotton), and the sound insulation effect is expressed in decibels of the difference in sound intensity between the two sides of the metal roof layer。The sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of the sound insulation material。It should be noted that sound insulation materials have different blocking effects on different frequencies

    5.Ventilation: Indoor and outdoor ventilation on metal roof。

    6.Moisture-proof: prevent metal roof bottom and metal roof layer of water vapor condensation, discharge of water vapor in the metal roof layer。The solution is to fill the metal roof layer with thermal insulation cotton, lay waterproof film on the metal roof bottom plate, and in the metal roof panel。

    7.Load-bearing: bearing construction load, rain, dust, snow pressure and maintenance load the load-bearing performance of metal roof panel is related to the plate section characteristics, material strength and thickness, force transmission mode and purlin (auxiliary purlin) spacing。

    And bad weather, such as lightning in nature, in order to be able toSichuan Steel Structure FactoryIn order to prevent lightning from breaking down the room, the steel structure workshop should be designed and planned well。