The completion of sichuan steel structure housing after the decoration of what to consider?

The completion of sichuan steel structure housing after the decoration of what to consider?

2022-04-12 14:00:39

    According to understanding, many sichuan area owners in the construction of goodThe steel structureThe house is about to begin the next step of the decoration, the so-called decoration is not done by three or two, so in the decoration aspect also want to consider some problems。

    Overall decoration concept of steel structure room

    1 .Reasonable design

    Rural construction of steel structure room from the beginning of the need to do a good job planning indoor structure and decoration design。 In this way, there is no need to change the layout of the steel structure before decoration。 It's very troublesome。 After the preliminary completion, do not need such trouble, can save a lot of costs。 In addition, before the construction of steel structure house, it is necessary to design the embedding of pipes, purification ponds, sewage pipes and so on。 This is what should be done before decoration。

    2, conform to local conditions and customs

    Many houses have different features。 When we decorate, we must consider。 For example, we must make full use of local customs, traditions, folk characteristics and other local characteristicsBuilding materialsAnd the legend of the time and other materials for decoration。

    3. Go back to nature

    Steel structure houses built in the countryside are not exactly the same style as urban buildings,If the design of urban architecture is white,The main purpose is to house more people,Make more money,But the appeal of rural self-run housing is different,宜居,So when we decorate the rural steel structure houses,The theme is back to nature,Try not to use artificial materials,Natural materials such as local wood, mountain masonry and sturdy vines are used for indoor and outdoor decoration,It can be closer to the locals。

    After the decorationSichuan steel structureAfter the room should be good layout of the current problems: kitchen, room, living room, bathroom, balcony and so on all need to be carefully designed, can also find a local decoration company to design a belongs to your decoration style。