Choose sichuan steel structure housing anticorrosion work is indispensable

Choose sichuan steel structure housing anticorrosion work is indispensable

2022-03-15 15:58:41

    As more and more buildings appeared,Sichuan steel structureHouses are also popular this year becauseThe steel structureHas its unique advantages, but in the selection of steel structure housing anti-corrosion work can not be less。

    Steel structure workshop in daily use may not pay much attention to these problems, but because of long-term corrosion, workshop roof is a direct and obvious change。Corrosion not only destroys the beauty, but also reduces the performance of the whole steel member and the bearing capacity of the structure。Severe corrosion of the roof can also cause leaks。Therefore, anticorrosion is very important in factories, especially some chemical plants。

    Anticorrosion layer is usually used as the main anticorrosion layer in the factory, and its thickness directly determines the corrosion resistance of steel components。The anticorrosive coating of steel components can be divided into primer, bottom paint and top paint。The choice of the three coatings may be different and the thickness requirements are also different。Therefore, the overall quality of steel components will be different after painting。Because there are many types of workshop, such as multi-storey steel structure workshop, brick and concrete structure workshop, light steel structure workshop and other building types, different uses have different actual anticorrosion requirements。The corrosion resistance of steel components can meet the requirements only when they are coated according to the actual corrosion resistance requirements。

    A lot of times, when people don't pay attentionSichuan steel structure roomHouse anticorrosion, which will cause acid to steel structure housing, resulting in changes in the quality of steel structure。